This initiative hosts and builds resources dedicated to the development of CIHR applications. Resources include grant application guidelines, checklists, fact sheets, and support material directly from panel members and successful CIHR applicants.

Resources have been subdivided into the categories below:

Project Competition

Foundation Competition

University of Alberta CIHR Peer Review Committee Membership

Supports and Services

Grant Support Resources at the University of Alberta


OOGP Archive

Dictionary of Web-Based Grantsmanship Resources - Outlined in this document are web-based resources to aid in the preparation of grant applications. Resources are organized in the document based on their relevance to: finding funding, peer review process, grantsmanship, common errors found in grant proposals, and specific peer review information.

Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging

Instructions for Downloading Resources

Select the link of the resource of interest and click "download" (found under "Actions" on the left side of the web page).

Please be aware that a University of Alberta CCID and password are required to download resources and pop-ups must be enabled. It has also been reported that some older versions of Internet Explorer are not compatible with downloading materials.